7 Highest Paying Medical Specialties

If you always wanted to become a doctor or a dentist, or if you still think about your specialization, make sure to read our list of highest paying medical specialties, and you maybe get inspired. Don’t feel guilty if money is your motivation in this regard, as wanting your hard work pay off one day is definitely not a bad thing. Medical school is probably the most demanding period in your life, and thinking about your salary should not make you feel guilty if you are still aware of the fact that your primary concern should be to make your patients satisfied and to fight for their well-being. It is why we strongly consider that not anyone can become a doctor, as you definitely need to feel it in your hard how noble your position is. Of course, if money is your one and only motivation, you should maybe think about some other professions, as there are plenty of them where you can earn lots of money, without ruining anyone’s life. You may become an Android developer, for example, a graphic designer, or a project manager. Nevertheless, this should not prevent you from reading our list, as you will get to learn more about the highest paying medical specialties.

  1. Invasive Cardiology

If you completely see yourself into this profession, and if you are ready to deal with issues concerning heart and surgeries, this is probably one of the best medical specialties, as it brings in $525,000 annually.

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  1. Orthopedic surgery

This is also one of the best and one of the most respected medical specialties, as it includes performing surgeries on musculoskeletal systems. The average annual salary for orthopedic surgeons goes around $497,000.

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  1. Gastroenterology

This seems to be one of the most popular medical specialties, especially considering the fact we live in the age of fast and unhealthy food, and we need more professionals to deal with digestive health. The annual earnings, in this case, go around $455,000.

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  1. Urology

Medical professionals that deal with the urinary tract are also one of the highest paying when it comes to doctors in general, as their average annual salary goes around $412,000. Sounds more than great!

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  1. Dermatology

Although it may sound weird, it seems that skin health, especially when it comes to certain visible areas of your body, is the thing people pay most attention to. It is why being a dermatologist is a good option, especially considering the fact that the average annual salary is $412,000.

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  1. Anesthesiology

Being an anesthesiologist includes dealing with pain relief during surgical processes, and if you decide for this profession, be sure that it’s the right choice. The average annual salary, in this case, is $358,000.

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  1. Plastic surgery

Being a plastic surgeon is probably one of the best medical specialties you may think of nowadays, as there are many people who decide to undergo certain procedures, out of many reasons. Apparently, the average annual salary for plastic surgeons is $354,000.

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