We live in the age of technology, and it is more than obvious that we cannot move anywhere without bringing our phones. The best thing about new smartphones is that they offer so many options and possibilities, that you don’t even need any other device. However, this also creates lots of stress, as there is a great fear that your phone, especially if it contains the information about your credit card and other personal things, will be the target for hackers. Knowing this, developers have also created many applications and security systems to protect you from this, and there are also many things you can do yourself, so if you are an iPhone owner, make sure to read our list of possible things you can do to protect your phone from hackers. You would not believe how many possibilities you have with your phone, and as soon as you start investigating, you will realize that there are tons of unexplored options. For example, you probably did not know that you should calibrate your smartphone. This is the point when you realize that you should definitely learn more about the calibration service, but let us not forget about our main topic of the list; we’ll teach you how to protect your phone from hackers. Take a look!

1. Update your system regularly

Many users are quite skeptical when it comes to regular updates, but you should definitely not avoid them. The point is, with every update, Apple improves the security features, and after each one of them, your phone is much more protected.

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2. Enable two-factor authentication

Two-factor authentication is the best possible option to make sure that no one can login to your account on some other device, so you should definitely enable it. In this case, whenever you try to log in to your iPad, for example, with your Apple ID you use for your iPhone, you will get the notification.

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3. Turn on “Find My iPhone”

Losing your phone is probably one of the biggest fears one may have, being the reason why you should always have this option turned on. In case you lose your phone, or it gets stolen, you can always locate it as soon as it is connected to Wi-Fi.

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4. Switch to a six-digit passcode

Having a bigger possibility to combine numbers and create your passcode is definitely a better option, as with four digits, there is always a greater chance that your passcode can be discovered. Switch to this option and you will be much safer.

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5. Set your phone to self-destruct

Well, this is the option that you should definitely think about if you tend to forget your passcode or if you have children playing with your phone all the time, as this option will clean your whole device after 10 attempts to unlock.

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6. Use secure Wi-Fi and avoid logins in public

This is definitely the smartest and the best thing you can do for yourself and your iPhone, so don’t be impatient to connect to the Internet whenever possible, but always wait for some secure networks, and never use the public ones, as they can steal your data.

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