Winter poses a lot of challenges for drivers of all walks of life. As temperatures turn freezing and roadways become blanketed with snow, snow tires are a must. Consider them like any other essential you pull out come winter. Snow tires, albeit something that not all drivers agree as necessary, come with many distinct benefits.

Here are the advantages of snow tires Toronto and why they’re worth the expense:

Advantage #1: Made for Winter

One of the obvious advantages of snow tires is that they are made for winter. Snow tires have to go through specific testing and meet a standard for being driven in winter conditions. They’re, in a sense, a premium tire. To have that ‘winter tire’ or ‘snow tire’ label, rest assured that you’re getting an excellent set of tires for your vehicle.

Advantage #2: Soft, Pliable Rubber

The rubber used to make regular or all-season tires can harden come winter. When the rubber hardens, you’re more likely to slide and the tire no longer grips so well. Snow tires have a softer rubber that’s more likely to stay soft and conform to the texture of not only the road but the materials on it, i.e. snow and ice.

Advantage #3: Ready to Grip Anything

Snow tires not only prepare you for snow but also ice, rain, cold temperatures, and slush. Anything winter can throw at you, your vehicle will be ready so long as the driver behind the wheel is approaching the road with safety and control.

Advantage #4: Wide, Large Treads

A big advantage to snow tires is that they have a different type of tread. The largeness of the treads allows for more snow to be kicked out behind the wheel and grips into ice better, maximizing your control. The treads on winter tires are also designed to wick away moisture from the main point of contact. It’s a much better tire for the winter season.

Advantage #5: Can Stop Faster

A vehicle on a slick road covered in snow and ice is going to have difficulty stopping at a moment’s notice. Every second counts in the event of an immediate stop. Even though you hit the brakes, tires can slide on ice. Snow tires help minimize that. They decrease stopping distance by as much as 37%, something which could either prevent an accident or even save someone’s life.

Advantage #6: Check Tire Pressure

The process of putting on winter tires for the season is a great excuse to check tire pressure. Maintaining the right amount of air in the tire is critical to being able to handle the vehicle. Every ten degrees of temperature that jumps, your psi changes by one.

Advantage #7: Good for Dry Roads

You may look outside in winter and there’s no snow on the ground, and you think you’re good. Unfortunately, even just cold temperatures will negatively impact your all-season or regular tires’ ability to grip the road and ultimately your ability to steer. A cold, dry road is dangerous, even without snow or ice. Snow tires are going to be able to maneuver this terrain a lot easier.

Advantage #8: Confidence and Control

Snow tires give you confidence on the road. They can do the same for inexperienced drivers or new drivers who may be driving your vehicle. If you’re nervous about your child driving their first winter, for example, winter tires give a little extra peace of mind. You always want to drive cautiously come winter. However, you can rest assured that your vehicle will be much better controlled with snow tires than with them not.

Advantage #9: Accidents Cost Less

To put it plainly, you get into a collision with something, another car, or someone, and that’s probably going to cost you more than what you would have paid for winter tires. They save expenses and damages in this way.