One of the most important factors of a thriving retail store is the impact their displays have on customers. Picking the right types of retail displays in a store, however, is a daunting task, especially if you are not conversant with the prevailing marketing trends.

Understanding market dynamics and customer behaviour is key when determining the type of displays to install in your retail store. Below are 9 different types of retail store displays you can experiment with at your store:

1. Gondola Retail Display

These are two-sided displays with adjustable shelves. This type of retail store display is used to merchandise within your store. The freestanding frames are made of steel and can carry heavy goods.

Gondola style shelving is especially popular in grocery and pharmacy stores due to their ability to hold many products. They can be adjusted to fit different-sized items. One disadvantage, however, is that Gondola displays are expensive.

2. Point of Purchase Retail Display

Point of sale shelves are placed near the cash register or the door. It is here that you place your fast-moving and popular goods such as candy, cheap and popular items.

You can also place goods that are close to expiry date to entice customers to pick them up. It is usually easy for the customer to reach out for an item within arm’s length and increase the possibility of an impulse purchase.

3. Slat Wall Retail Display

Slat wall is one of the most versatile shelving options. It can display a wide variety of merchandise and can be wall mounted or freestanding. They consist of panels with recessed horizontal spaces where shelves, hooks, pegs, and hangers are displayed. Slat wall displays are affordable and do not require an expert to mount them. The cost could increase if a professional installer is needed.

4. Grid Wall Retail Displays

Grid wall displays feature wire panels, which can accommodate a variety of hooks and different shelf options. Since they are easily customizable, they are a perfect choice for a trader with limited space. They look great on your wall or even as freestanding fixtures. Just as the slat wall, a grid wall display is easy to mount. It is also affordable. However, the cost could go up in case you need the services of a professional installer.

5. Garment Rack

Garment racks are ideal for hanging clothing. Made of metal, they are custom-made to display clothes and other apparel. They come in different shapes and sizes. If yours is a garment selling retail store, or you have a designated point within your retail store for clothes, you need to acquire garment racks. There is no better way to display your garments than getting a garment rack for your retail store.

6. Table Displays

Table displays are made from different materials. They can be custom-made according to the needs of a client. Place them near the entrance of your store to display craft items or other small items. They are excellent at enticing a buyer to purchase items they had not planned to buy.

7. Pegboards

Perfect for small items, pegboards are highly flexible. You can easily move hooks, shelves and bins to create the space sizes you want. They are made of fiberboard and have rows of evenly-spaced holes for attaching hooks and other storage accessories. They pair very well with other types of displays.

8. Specialty Displays

As the name suggests, specialty displays are designed for a specific purpose or product. Examples are refrigerated displays where goods are kept fresh even when the shelves are left open for customers to pick items.

9. Window Displays

Window displays attract customers to your retail shop. They should be attractive and creative enough to encourage people to come in for a closer look, and perhaps to buy. They should be placed strategically near high foot traffic areas in your store.

Creatively display items to entice potential customers to come in and have a closer look. Do not clutter your window display. Instead, only display just enough to prick a customer’s curiosity about your products and entice them to step in. If your window display faces the sun, make sure items on display are those that cannot be affected by sun.

Your retail store’s display has the effect of improving or depressing your sales. How you set it up will determine whether customers will pass without a second glance, or whether their attention will be arrested by the sheer creativity of your display.

However, the appropriate display for your store is determined by the nature of merchandise in a store. There are a number of display types you cannot go wrong with. These include window displays, which attract the attention of passersby and entice them to come into your store for a closer look at your products. Bargain items on sale should be prominently displayed at strategic areas of your store to increase conversion rates. Your most attractive items should be displayed at the front of your store to attract customers.