Some dining rooms are simply too small, while others have odd shapes and too many corners, which makes you wonder how you will organize your dining room furniture.

Fortunately, these 8 tips should help you make the most of your dining room.

1. Use an extra chair to fill a corner

Maybe your dining room set has a few extra chairs, while your dining room has a few extra corners. If you are proud of your dining room furniture, use one of these extra chairs to fill a corner where it will look great, and provide a convenient seating option.

2. Discover your new favourite reading spot

That extra chair, if it’s comfortable enough, can be paired with a lamp and a nice blanket to become your new favourite reading spot. A cozy armchair placed in a corner of your dining room can be another great option.

3. Purchase a corner cabinet

If your favourite dining room furniture store doesn’t sell a corner cabinet that would meet your needs, you could build your own, or hire someone to do it for you. Corner cabinets will add some much needed storage space to any dining room.

4. Add a beautiful house plant

If you have been looking for ways to freshen up the look of your dining room, you could simply add a large house plant in one of those unused corners. House plants purify the air we breathe, and can even increase oxygen levels in a room. They also look great!

5. Get a foldable table

If you have a very small dining room, a table that can be folded when it’s not being used will help you make the most of your dining space. Foldable chairs are also convenient to own when you are expecting hungry guests. You can just hide them in a closet when you don’t need them.

6. Place your table against the wall

If your dining room is a bit too small to accommodate your brand new dining room set, it could be a good idea to place it against a wall. It might look a bit odd, but at least, it will free up some precious space in your small dining room, and you will be able to walk around more easily.

7. Choose dining room furniture that can have two purposes

If your dining room is also your home office, it could be a good idea to choose dining room furniture that can serve two purposes. For example, you could buy an elegant but sturdy table that you can also use as a desk when no one is eating.

8. Get a bench

A bench can efficiently replace one or two chairs in a small dining room. At least two people should be able to sit on it, and the best part is that you can simply tuck it under the table when dining time is over, so it will be hidden and out of the way.