More people are working from more than ever. Either as full-time employees with telecommuting flex time or self-employed freelancers churning out dozens of articles a day, the home as turned into an office space.

Rather than sit in the corner on your kitchen table or park yourself on the living room sofa in front of the television, you should devise a home office, one that will stimulate your little gray cells and inspire productivity.

Here are eight home office setup ideas to turn your space into a productivity hub:

1. Your Chair is Top Priority

What can we say about your chair? Do you remember “Star Trek” and either Captain Kirk or Captain Picard would man the USS Enterprise? Did he look uncomfortable? Did he slouch? Did he look like he was going to turn into a hunchback?

Well, that is the same thing as your office chair. You want your office furniture to be as comfortable as possible. Moreover, you want your chair to have great ergonomic standards that can ensure you are not going to suffer from white-collar injury. If you have the budget, then spring for the fine office chair possible. It is a worthwhile investment.

2. Consider Your Space

As you start to blueprint your home office setup, you first need to consider your space.

Not everyone owns a palace where they can situate their workstation in front of a large window overlooking acres of land. No, most likely, you’re living in an apartment or a house with tight space. This can be tricky because you are probably working on a kitchen table and surrounded by distractions.

Here is a question: Is there any way you can dedicate a space of your home to your office? With a little bit of creativity and a few supplies, you can turn a corner of the bedroom or the upstairs attic into your workspace.

3. Don’t Get Too Cluttered

Yes, recent studies have found that clutter is actually good for productivity. But if you are someone who cannot function in a lot of mess or gets frustrated by clutter, then ensure this does not happen!

Since you might already be contending with a tight fit, you do not want to clutter up your area. Instead, everything needs to be neat and organized, from the files you print out to the books you use as references. It is all about staying clutter-free when you work from home.

4. Lighting is Key

Lighting plays an important part in any home office setup ideas. When professionals are putting together their home office, they typically want to purchase the best lamp possible. But is this really necessary? Not really because your focus should be on capturing natural light, which is better for you anyway.

That said, if natural lighting is not possible, then artificial light works, too. Just ensure that the lamp and its bulb are not overbearing or underlit. You want a sufficient amount of lighting for your office.

5. Think About Your Desk

Like your office chair, your desk is another important piece of furniture. You will be working on this thing for several hours a day, so, like the chair, you want maximum comfort and ergonomics.

Unsure what type of desk to purchase? Here are some to think about buying:

  • Tradition: A simple and straight-forward desk that will make a minimalist excited.
  • Standup: Standup desks are being the item for at-home workers because it prevents a whole host of health problems that comes from sitting down for too long.
  • Galley: Two desks that are parallel from each other to allow you to do two different things.
  • U-shaped: Need three separate work areas? Do you have multiple monitors? A u-shaped desk works.

As an office chair, a desk can be expensive. However, if you have the budget, then do not be afraid to use the extra dollars!

6. Inspiring Décor

Is décor the most important item on your list? Not quite. But it is a nice addition when you are alone by yourself all day long, just working and working … and working. You do not need to replicate the Guggenheim, but a couple of pieces can go a long way to sprucing up your home office setup ideas.

7. Ease of Access

Easy access is crucial for your home office. You do not want to dig through your cabinets, shelves, or your attic to find what you need. Put simply, your home office should consist of everything you need, from style guidelines to a corporate manual to help you perform your job.

8. Good Technical Equipment

If you are employed by a company, then chances are you will be given high-quality technical equipment. If you are self-employed, then you will be responsible for your own technology.

Again, like the office chair and the desk, you should never skimp out on this area. It is essential that you have a reliable computer, a dependable smartphone, and a fast Internet connection. Sure, a good computer costs money, but it is a critical investment if you wish to continue either maintaining the privilege of remote flexibility or having a steady flow of clients.

Believe it or not, you will see a huge transformation in your work once you perform your duties in a home office setup. No matter how focused you are, a lot of the tasks that need to get done cannot be achieved in the kitchen. So, you can earn a living by never leaving the home, but also ensure that you treat your home like a professional workspace, too. Your boss or clients will thank you for it.