If you are planning to transport goods, there are different types of trucks to choose from. Each moving truck has unique capabilities. Different types of trucks are good for different tasks, such as moving out or even transport your precious sports car from one place to another,

Sometimes, your needs could be so specific that a one-size-fits-all solution is not applicable. To make an informed decision when transporting your goods, you need to know the different types of trucks available and their capabilities. Below are 8 different types of trucks you can choose from when transporting goods:

Type 1: Semi-Trailer Truck

The semi-trailer trucks are the most popular types of trucks. They are capable of catering to most of your transportation needs. The truck can be loaded from either the back, the side and from the top, but only after removing the tent cover. The simplest way to describe a semi-trailer truck without the tent cover is; it looks like a big pick-up truck. Semi-trailer trucks have a maximum load capacity of about 24,000 kg. The truck is suitable for transporting palletized cargo.

Type 2: Straight Truck

These types of trucks are also referred to as a box truck, cube truck, or cube van. A straight truck can carry cargo on the same chassis that has the cab and the power unit. However, it can only be loaded from the back. They are commonly used to transport stuff like furniture and other small items. Straight trucks are highly recommended for moving. They are most people’s favourite when moving out since they are more secure than a semi-trailer truck. It protects your goods from damage by the elements. You can also use it to expedite freight deliveries.

Type 3: Jumbo Trailer Truck

A jumbo trailer truck is simply a semi-trailer truck with more space. This is because a jumbo trailer truck has a G-shaped floor with small diameter wheels. Just like a semi-trailer truck, the maximum weight this truck can carry is 24,000 kg. A jumbo trailer truck is the best truck to use if you are planning to transport voluminous goods, which can be loaded from the back, the top, and from the sides.

Type 4: Tail Lift Truck

A tail lift truck is a piece of heavy-duty equipment. It is mostly used for distribution transport. This truck features a lifting mechanism that makes it easy to load goods. A tail lift truck can carry a maximum weight of 500 – 2,000kg depending on the type of tail lift attached to it. Goods can be loaded onto the truck from the back.

Type 5: Truck Trailer

One of the main advantages of a truck trailer is it allows you to load and unload items faster. It has one of the largest loading volumes. This means you have a lot of space to carry goods. The loading capacity of a truck trailer is 16-25t. Although it offers a large loading volume, you might still end up facing some challenges when carrying long-length cargoes. A truck trailer also protects your cargo from destruction by the elements.

Type 6: Flatbed Truck

Just as the name suggests, the bodywork of this truck is simply a flat level bed with no sides or roof. It is a very popular type of truck, perhaps due to its versatility. A flatbed truck is ideal for transporting oversized goods. You can also use it to transport a fleet of cars to an exhibition or a car show. It has a loading capacity of 15-25t and its bodywork allows loading of goods from the back, the top, and from the sides.

Type 7: Lowboy Trailer

A lowboy trailer is an unpowered trailer commonly used to transport tall items. This is immediately evident from its design. Goods carried or transported using a lowboy trailer are those that have exceeded the legal height limit of goods usually transported using a flatbed trailer. Just like a flatbed trailer, it can be loaded from the sides, the top and the back.

Type 8: Refrigerated Trailers

As the name suggests, refrigerated trailers are used to transport products in a frozen or chilled state. These types of trucks feature a temperature controlled unit that allows you to control the temperature inside the trailer no matter how hot or cold it is outside. Refrigerated trailers are special in that they transport sensitive items that require careful handling and storage to maintain their integrity. They are however more expensive than standard trailers since they use extra fuel to keep the temperature control system running.

The nature of the product you want to transport determines the best trucks or trailers ideally suited for their transportation. Whether you want to transport oversized or large volume items, or perhaps you want to transport your goods in a frozen state, there are different types of trucks to meet your exact requirements. Before hiring a transportation truck, carefully consider the items to be transported and only secure a truck that fits your needs.