When it comes to your home, there are a number of exterior components that immediately stand out. The exterior windows, the choice of wall colour, and even the door type, will be important for establishing a first impression. However, one of the most important components that always garners attention is the driveway.

Driveways play a large part in the overall appearance of your exterior home. The types of driveway installed can range significantly, and doesn’t have to be relegated to just one category. If you are wondering about what sort of driveway you can have installed, there are different types of driveways to choose from.

Here are eight different types of driveways and their common uses:

Type #1: Concrete Driveways

Concrete material is universally recognized as the most, commonly-installed source of anyone’s driveway. These types of driveways have historical precedence, and they come with numerous benefits. For starters, it is quite inexpensive; you don’t have to go out of your budget to acquire a brand-new driveway.

Durability is also a significant factor when choosing to go with concrete driveways. Only after a significant amount of time has passed, along with the impact of weather-related factors, will its sturdiness be affected. If you fancy, you can even use various dyes to colour the concrete. This adds to the overall appeal of your concrete driveways!

Type #2: Gravel Driveways

If you happen to live in a rural area, don’t be too surprised to see these types of driveways to be a common occurrence. Gravel is a popular type of substance used to create driveways, mainly due to its simplicity. As a result, it doesn’t take much of an investment to have this driveway installed.

If you choose to not have a professional install it, you could potentially even do it yourself. As long as you know the dimensions of the driveway you wish to create, you can proceed. Just be aware of its life span! Gravel is a relaxed substance, and requires periodic maintenance over longer stretches of time.

Type #3: Asphalt Driveways

Along with concrete, asphalt is one of the most commonly-used materials used in driveway installation. However, it also comes with some other advantages not normally found in its concrete-type sibling. The most noticeable one is the sleek aesthetic that it radiates, once installation is complete.

Asphalt driveways have a much larger appeal than other types of driveways for this very reason. In addition, these types of driveways are extremely cost-effective, along with being easy on your vehicle. Cracks may occur overtime, but these can easily be patched up with no significant burden to you.

Type #4: Brick Driveways

If you want to tap into your inner creative, a driveway made out of bricks will definitely reflect that sentiment. Although not as common as other categories, brick driveways have an undeniable aesthetic to them. It accentuates the exterior components of your household, allowing it to have a complete, luxurious flair.

The trick, however, comes with the actual installation itself. You’ll want to invest in a professional service, in order to have your driveway installed as evenly as it can be. If you have the budget to do so, it will definitely be turning some heads in your neighborhood!

Type #5: Dirt Driveways

Just like the previous type, a dirt driveway is not as common as one may initially believe. These driveways are usually found in rural areas, just like its gravel counterpart. As inexpensive as they can be, however, dirt driveways are prone to some challenges.

Weather is one of them; rain can turn the dirt to mud, which will inevitably hamper your vehicle when parking.

Type #6: Cobblestone Driveways

Similar in vein to a brick-type driveway, cobblestone material has a certain appeal to it. The classic finish will allow your driveway, and home, to stand out amongst neighboring households. Durability is something you won’t have to worry about either; it is made to stand the test of time. You get a chic aesthetic, in addition to quality with these types of driveways!

Type #7: Green Lawn Driveways

If you thought dirt driveways were an uncommon occurrence, then you may initially raise an eyebrow at this category. For those who want to keep their surroundings as natural as possible, a driveway made out of grass, with an underlay of plastic, will suffice.

Just be sure to periodically take care of the grass itself, for the smoothest possible experience.

Type #8: Combination of Materials

In some instances, you may be able to use multiple materials, when creating your driveway. This is possible for several reasons. One material can be for the end of your driveway, while the other can be for the path itself. Take note of what you prefer, and experiment to your liking!

Every driveway is unique. There are a number of factors that have to be considered, such as material, dimensions, and preferred aesthetic. That is why you should give it some thought, before installation. You want yours to fit your circumstances accordingly, after all!