The popularity of wooden watches has been on the increase around the world. Nothing beats a nicely curved wooden watch in making a statement about style.

Unlike other types, such as plastic and stainless steel wrist watches, a wooden watch requires some special care and protection. It should be properly maintained for it to retain its sheen and hence serve you for a little longer.

Since you will most likely pay more for a wooden wrist watch than you would for other run-of-the-mill watches, it makes sense to ensure that it stays in tip-top condition. To extend the life of your wooden watch, you might find the following tips helpful.

1. Keep Your Watch from Direct Contact with Water

Wood is an organic substance. Therefore, keep it from direct contact with water. You can wash your hands while still wearing it, though. If you need to clean it, you can apply some lemon extract and olive oil on a tissue and then rub it on your wooden watch. Never take a shower with your wooden watch on. When the wood is wet, it will change shape and perhaps even shrink.

2. Wear It, Often

A wooden watch uses your natural oils to stay moisturized. This keeps it from becoming too dry as this may lead it to crack or get discoloured. Your skin oils lubricate the wooden watch, besides adding some much needed shine to it. Therefore, rather than keep it for special occasions, wear it for almost all occasions to keep it properly lubricated.

3. Use Protective Oils to Preserve the Shine

Natural oils may not be enough to keep your wooden watch moisturized. To ensure that it’s properly lubricated, apply protective oil on it to get that exquisite, varnished shine. Whether you prefer a gloss or matte look, there are products in the market that work very well with your watch.

4. Avoid Exposure to Direct Sunlight

Direct sunlight poses the danger of making your wooden watch crack or get discoloured. The cracks look like long, thin lines, which will continue to get worse with prolonged exposure to direct sunlight. Instead, you should keep your watch in natural environments for it to maintain its look and feel. Keeping it enclosed in a box is not a good idea, either.

5. Clean It Regularly

Wooden watches pick up dirt and debris easily due to the small gaps and crevices. It is therefore essential to clean it regularly for it to serve you for years to come. As mentioned, to safely clean the wooden watch, mix some olive oil and lemon juice. Once you have properly mixed the solution, dip a soft cloth into it and start applying it on the wooden parts of the watch. Once all parts have been gently cleaned, use a dry cotton cloth to wipe any excess residue.

6. Replace Your Battery Every Two Years

If your watch suddenly stops working, chances are that your battery is dead. When this happens, avoid the temptation to replace it yourself. Take it to your local watch repair shop for a professional replacement.

7. Store Your Wooden Watch Properly

Always make sure that your wooden watch is safely stored whenever you are not using it. Enclosing it in a protective cover prevents it from getting scratches and cracks.

An exquisite wooden watch will always make you stand out from the crowd. Whether you are wearing it on a special occasion, or perhaps you feel incompletely dressed without it, a wooden watch is not just any type of watch. It’s the kind of watch that puts you in a class of your own.