It might seem hard to believe, but the ability to eliminate a few problems experienced in older homes revolves around aging, defective window frames, broken glass, and drafty designs. Below are seven ways that replacing your windows with a contemporary design will make a great house even better.

1. Better View

Get a clear view out your window by installing units that replace those with worn screens, broken, or damaged glass. Expand your view by adding more windows or choose larger, wider panoramic designs. Bring the beauty of nature closer to you and your family.

2. UV Protection

The only real past solution to limiting UV rays entering the home through a window was to close the drapes. Unfortunately, this limits your ability to enjoy natural lighting. UV rays can do a real number on your furniture, carpeting, wood floors, and rugs. You can choose a window style that includes solid UV ray protection.

3. Complete Moisture Protection

Loose window glass, broken panes, gaps around window trim, and off-track units that refuse to completely close can leave you at risk for water leaks. Water pouring into your home will damage walls, wood trim, wood floors, furniture, and the floor underlayment. It can lead to problems with mold and mildew as well.

4. Keep the Hot Summer Air Outdoors

Getting out and enjoying some of the summer sunshine is great, but you don’t want the heat to pour into the house through the windows. Get tint protection that reflects the heat of the sun away from the home. The rooms will be less likely to get superheated, even during the hottest parts of the day.

5. Keep the Cold Winter Air Outdoors

Winter is another season that can cause an imbalance in the temperature of the interior of your home by cold air moving through older, uninsulated window units. The benefits of an insulated window is a complete shut down of the drafts that drop the temperature quickly. The Panes website has more useful information that could help you get a better understanding.

6. Save Energy By Keeping Heating and Cooling Costs Lower

The ability to keep extreme temperatures out of the home by blocking off outside drafts will help reduce your energy costs in both heating and cooling. Your HVAC system can get longer periods of rest and runs less risk of needing frequent repairs or experiencing premature failure.

7. Improve the Looks of Your Home

Does the sight of your old, tired windows make you shake your head and sigh? Completely transform the cosmetic look of your house with updated styles and window designs. You can find the right look that gives your home increased value and appeal. You’ll feel much better about pulling in the driveway each day.

Window replacement is an option that can improve your home and provide benefits on many levels.