In the retail sector, business brands are often competing against each other to command a good percentage of the market. To stand out in this competitive environment, businesses must come up with innovative, distinct, and unique ways to represent their brands and market their products. From the company logo to the packaging style, creative branding is crucial to the success of retail products.

When done correctly and creatively, the custom box packaging can make your brand a market leader. When done haphazardly, it could bring down your entire brand. Packaging is more than just putting your logo on a package. Your creative packaging ideas can draw and sustain the attention of your consumers.

Not only does packaging protect the products, but it also plays a significant role in your marketing efforts and the product’s branding. It also increases the visibility and accessibility of the product in the retail environment. To make sure your brand stands out, here are some creative packaging ideas for retail products:

Idea #1: Custom-Printed Packaging

Most of us have probably seen packaging boxes in numerous retail outlets, such as supermarkets and grocery stores. What if there was a way to make your very own display boxes more unique and eye-catching?

Instead of using a plain box to package your product, you can add labels, mix colours, and include other promotional materials. All these different creative packaging ideas can make your retail product look more enticing. When designing the box, your goal is to bring out the brand personality and attract customers. Your product may be placed next to all the flashy and colourful merchandise in the store, so it must stand out visually.

Not only is the product design important, but the retail display placement is a key factor as well. For small products that you don’t want your customers to overlook, try placing them near the counter or next to the cashier. The creative packaging may grab their attention and prompt them to make an impulse purchase. For larger and free-standing products, consider using a POP display with a distinct and eye-catching appearance.

Idea #2: Use Packaging Layers Creatively

There are three distinct packaging layers, all of which require your attention. Depending on the product, you may have to use one, two, or all three types of packaging layers.

First is the product packaging, which is the cover in direct contact with your product. Second is the inner packaging, which keeps your product nestled safely in the outer packaging, such as some tissue paper. Last is the outer packaging, which is the first thing a customer sees while shopping for a product.

When displaying your product, be keen to check that the product packaging is suited for that product. Try spicing things up by adding a pattern to the inner part of the outer packaging or the inner packaging itself. Synchronize the three packaging layers so that they all tell one story.

Idea #3: Simple Packaging Designs

Sometimes, the simplest packaging idea is the way to go. Consumers don’t want to have too many images, shouting colours or graphics, all seeking to get their attention at the same time. Instead of getting attracted to the product, the customers will get irritated and write off the brand altogether. So, remember to use only the necessary colours, graphics and images while packaging your product.

A perfect case study for this sort of packaging is the technology giant, Apple. Their packaging makes use of one colour and shows only the essentials, including the product name, logo, features and the product beauty shot. It is also easy to use and has an elegant feel to the packaging.

Idea #4: Interesting Textures

Texture can be both visual and physical. When customers see a product, they may take notice of the textured imagery created based on their first visual impressions. When customers pick up a product, they may also take notice of the physical feel in their touch. For your creative packaging ideas to be successful, you must appeal to both their sense of sight and touch. These two elements should complement each other.

Idea #5: Creative Packaging Shapes

How about designing your packaging in such a way that it takes the shape of the product itself? That way, you are more likely to grab the attention of the customer at first glance. It also gives you the freedom to play around with different shapes and styles to get the combination that best fits your product. For example, if you are packaging a deodorant with a flowery scent, you could design a 3D bottle with a shape that resembles the elegant curves of the rose petals.

Idea #6: Unique Images

Think outside the box and let your mind explore the endless ways you can present your product. If your creative juices are not flowing, take a break, breathe and then get back to the creative process. Think of unique and unexpected images that you can use to symbolize your product. For example, a 3D image printed on a glass bottle is something you are unlikely to come across in most retail stores.

Idea #7: Branded Bags

What goes better with your custom packaging than a customized bag that goes perfectly with the themed design? Depending on the product you are marketing, you can package it in branded bags. You may also create transparent bags that give you the chance to see the product you are purchasing, just like the PUMA bags that come along with rigid cardboard. A well-designed and branded bag will set you apart and lure customers to your store.