Discrimination can be based on a person’s race, ethnicity, sex, age, disability, religion, marital status or political views. Yet many workers are unaware of how to identify discrimination despite how vital it can be.

If you, or an employee have suffered due to discrimination it could result in lost wages, a hindered career and added stress. Knowing when your employer has acted unlawfully can help to protect you in a court of law.

Rather than suffer the consequences of workplace discrimination, we’ve listed some of the most common cases in the workplace’s That way, you know how to identify it and when you should contact a lawyer.

1. Job Refusal

One of the most common scenarios that deal with discrimination are job refusals. If you interview at a company, or for a promotion within a company, and they deny you because of discriminatory remarks you may be entitled to retribution. For example, a work place is not allowed to judge you on your abilities for the job based on your gender. Meaning, if the employer tells you that they cannot hire you because they are looking for a man you may have been wrongfully discriminated against, and should speak with a lawyer today.

2. Shifts Cut

If you are having your shifts cut at work, or hours limited and believe it to be because of discrimination you should speak with an employment lawyer immediately. Oftentimes, an employer will illegally limit an individual’s shifts as a means to drive the worker out of the facility. Doing this is illegal, and you should contact an employment lawyer today.

3. Denied Training Opportunities

Another example of discrimination is if you have been denied training opportunities to better your career. If an employer is denying you additional training or betterment opportunities because of the way you look or your gender they are denying you the possibility of earning more. Doing this is illegal, and you should consult with a trained professional who can help to file your claim today.

4. Isolated by Co-Workers

Oftentimes, other employees act discriminatory towards an individual by isolating them in the workplace. Doing this, is a tactic used to silently drive the unwanted worker out of the place. However, doing this is illegal. This behavior could have serious effects on the persons career and impact them mentally. So, if you’ve suffered from workplace discrimination in the form of isolating behavior you should contact an employment lawyer today to speak of the retribution you are owed.

5. Inadequate Pay

If you find out that a co-worker (in the same position as you) is being paid more, it could be a result of discrimination. Oftentimes women are discriminated against and given a low pay rate. However, doing this is highly illegal and unjust. Despite how wrong this practice is, it is often hard to prove in court which is why you should consult with an employment lawyer today.

6. Withheld Information

If an employer has intentionally withheld information from you that requires you to do your job, you should speak with a lawyer. An employee is entitled to have access to all the information they need to complete a task. Withholding information could result in a decrease of productivity, or mistakes which could impact the worker.

7. Abusive Taunts

No one should be subjected to abusive words from co-workers. If you have, or are currently dealing with discriminatory remarks you should contact an employment lawyer. An employment lawyer will be able to prepare a case for you, advise you how to gather the evidence and ultimately help you get the retribution you deserve.