As one of the world’s most celebrated cities, Toronto has quickly positioned itself as a major metropolitan destination. The multitude of restaurants and attractions, along with the various communities, have made the city a source of diversity on a geographical scale. To meet the demands of such a metropolis, however, you need to know about the different modes of transport in Toronto.

Toronto, for all of its diversity, is a huge city. There are an infinite amount of things to participate in and all sorts of festivities throughout the city. Since Toronto can be so confined at times, it may be difficult to just get around the city via walking. No matter what your intention, however, the city will always have some form of transport available.

If you want to navigate the city, these are the six different modes of transport available:

1. Subway transport (TTC)

The most common mode of transport in Toronto is the subway. The Toronto Transit Commission, known as the TTC, has several lines that intersect with one another in some way. This provides an individual with countless ways to get across various regions in less time than one would expect.

For the Downtown Toronto core, the Yonge-University line runs north to south, with northern Yonge Street and Union Station used as starting points. Line 2, known as the Bloor-Danforth line, runs east to west, with the Kipling area being the most eastern and ending in the west near Scarborough. For $3.25, or with a slight discount using a Presto card, you can hop on for a ride!

2. Taxi

Like virtually any other type of city, Toronto has a fleet of taxis ready to be used at almost any time of the day. Depending on where you are, you can hail this mode of transport from your location. Taxis can also be found hanging out in various malls or hotels.

As expected, however, fares for taxis tend to add up rather quickly. Make sure you have enough funds on hand, as well as extra for a tip to give to the driver. Some taxis come equipped with a pay terminal, so you’ll be able to use your debit or credit card accordingly. When convenience is required, a taxi for getting around the city is a great option.

3. Black car services

Toronto at night is a lovely sight to behold. There are a plethora of events to attend, ranging from clubs to various social events. If you need a more stylish mode of transportation to get to this event, you should opt to use black car services.

There are many services that provide a fleet of luxurious vehicles for your specific event. From lavish sedans, to party buses, to stretch and SUV limos, you have numerous choices available. Never show up to your corporate or social event in an unexciting way again!

4. Buses & streetcars

Sometimes, there won’t be a nearby spot where you can simply hop into the subway. In that case, a bus or a streetcar will more than suffice. The TTC also operates a plethora of buses all over the Greater Toronto Area, with streetcars being even more effective in the Downtown Toronto core.

As for fare price, the same $3.25 will apply. In addition, this one-time fare price can be used to subsequently freely transfer to other vehicles for two hours. Just be aware of the various hours of operation, as most buses will open at six a.m. and end daily at around 1 a.m., with streetcar hours varying. So, be sure to contact the TTC if you require more specific information.

5. Bike shares

In spring and summer months, there lies a perfect opportunity to both get around Toronto effectively and get some exercise in. Thankfully, the Bike Share Toronto program resolves both of these inclinations. The program is a bicycle sharing system, where a price of $7 grants the passenger a full-day of bike riding around the city.

There are many neighborhoods around the region, such as Spadina and Harbord, that have stations in which you can get a bike. With nearly 3,000 bikes, and over 300 stations, this is an excellent mode of transport to traverse the city, while maximizing your commute time.

6. Cars

Of course, the most popular mode of transport in Toronto is the car. Just be aware of Toronto traffic; in downtown areas, it is notorious. Around peak times, traffic can become so congested, it may seem like walking can get you to your destination quicker.

However, when you are exploring the region at off-peak hours or late at night, put some music on and cruise around the city. You’ll find that there are endless routes to take, and you may even find some new restaurants to try out during your travels. A car will always be a sufficient choice for transportation, as long as you know what you’re getting into when in Toronto!