Sheet metal is a widely used material, particularly in the construction industry, due to its versatility and many benefits. It is used in many other industries as well, including mining, farming, shipping, transportation and aviation. Welding, bending and molding sheet metal is known as sheet metal fabrication.

This process has come a long way and is a lot more efficient and advanced than it used to be many years ago. Many engineers and contractors love sheet metal fabrication because it holds some advantages and benefits, so let’s take a look at some of these now.

1. Ease Of Transport

The low weight to thickness ratio of sheet metal is one reason why it is easy to work with and transport. It is manufactured in thin sheets, so it is easy to stack a lot of them for easy transportation.

2. Strong & Durable

Sheet metal is both durable and strong which is why this material is used in a vast number of applications such as washing machines and ovens where it can withstand high temperatures; in agricultural environments, such as wheat bins or sheep feeders and of course, many more. This material is also used in homes where it can be used in roofing. Even if it got dented, it is not too expensive to replace when compared to many other materials. Another bonus is the fact that it is corrosion resistant.

3. Weather Resistant

Sheet metal can be processed so that it is resistant to UV rays, moisture and of course, corrosion. Chemicals are uses to treat the sheet, which is why it is resistant to UV rays but these chemicals can also help to prevent damage from other sources.

4. Malleable

Sheet metal, being thin and having a low density is also malleable, like copper and gold. Many sheet metal fabrication companies are able to create different kinds of objects using sheet metal. This malleability allows for it to be bent, stretched and cut into virtually any shape, so customers have many options and solutions available to them. So, if customers make requests for something specific, these specifications will be met accordingly.

5. Versatile

One thing that makes sheet metal a joy to work with for so many people in various industries is its versatility. This allows them to think outside the box which is important for progress when it comes to construction and building. Sheet metal can have uses that one would not generally even associate with certain industries such as the health industry, the food industry and even in artwork! Even when you open a can of pop to enjoy your favourite soda, this is sheet metal fabrication at work!

6. Cost & Maintenance

Sheet metal has a relatively low cost and the good thing about it is, it can be mass produced if large quantities are required but at the same time, it can be used for a one-off project if required.

Because sheet metal is easier to maintain, repairs to it are relatively simple, therefore, making it a practical choice in many areas. Technological advancement has also brought about an improvement, creating a greater demand for its use with the added bonus of it being cost-effective.