Whether you are planning to open a large office building or a small home office, efficiency and aesthetics are key factors to consider when selecting the ideal office furniture. Among essential considerations is the layout of the office, which largely informs the flow of office work.

There are many office furniture options you can choose from to make your office efficient and aesthetically pleasant. The best office furniture depends on the nature of your business, personal taste and sense of style.

The type of furniture you choose also plays a significant role in how the office is set up. Different offices and companies have specific needs that inform their office layout. Below are six of the best office furniture you must have:

1. Filing Cabinets

The filing system in an office should be organized in such a way that it allows faster access to files during day-to-day office operations. With the cabinets well labelled, you can easily file and retrieve files. Filing cabinets also help to keep an office tidy and minimizes the risk of losing files. The various types of filing cabinets include burglarproof and fireproof cabinets. These cabinets ensure the safety of essential files and documents in the event of a fire or a break in.

2. Ergonomic Computer Chairs

It is common to find people seated in front of their laptops and computers in offices. Since most of the day is spent seated, the body naturally gets tired for being in one position for prolonged periods. Having an uncomfortable chair does not help the situation. It is important to have comfortable and adjustable seats to reduce back strains when working.

With comfortable ergonomic chairs, you can work for prolonged periods without getting tired as compared to working in an uncomfortable chair. A comfortable working chair is both helpful to the company and to one’s health, and there are new furniture and also used furniture options to choose from in the market depending on your needs.

3. Keyboard and Laptop Stands

Some offices require staff to work while standing to serve people better. If this is the case with your company, workers need to access their computer’s peripherals easily. This is where a keyboard and laptop stands come in. They make it easy for workers to attend to clients at their workstations.

The ability to have the computer’s peripherals within easy reach makes it comfortable to work, and also increases efficiency. They are also useful in boardrooms, especially when preparing presentations since the presenters can control everything from their laptops.

4. Good Light Fixtures

Offices should be well-lit to ensure everyone sees whatever they are doing. This is especially important for offices that run through the night. Good lighting aids in reducing eye strains when working since you can see what you are working on without struggling.

You might also want to install desk lamps, which not only add to the overall aesthetics of the office but also provide the extra needed light to make your workstation a more comfortable place to work from. Be creative with the type of lighting you want in your office as long as it serves the intended purpose.

5. Sofa Sets

Sofas are often the best office furniture for making an impact. At one time or another during the day, you will need to take a break from your working posture and recline in a more comfortable chair. This gives the body the rest it needs to take on the rest of the day. Sofas are ideal for relaxing for a few minutes before getting back to work. They also act as meeting points for people within the office as they catch a break together.

These bonding sessions increase cohesion between employees, which eventually increases productivity as everyone knows each other’s strengths and weakness. Sofas also add a nice touch to an office’s reception area where guests sit as they wait to be served. Good first impressions are essential for any business, and a beautiful, comfortable sofa says a lot about your company.

6. Creative Storage

Some offices employ innovative techniques to solve their storage problems. You might walk into an office only to find no files or clutter, and no shelves or cabinets in sight. This is because some of these offices actually store their documents and files inside furniture compartments, giving your office a classic minimalist feel. Some sofas feature storage compartments you can use to store documents or books.

Also, some coffee tables are designed in such a way that you don’t see the storage compartments unless someone points them out. Some offices seek to have the minimalist design that former Apple Inc. co-founder, Steve Jobs, used to love. A minimalist office exudes a clean, polished appearance that is a fresh breath of air in modern office design. In a minimalist office, stuff is hidden in furniture compartments to give the impression of expansive space and tidiness.