Do you want to be unique? Consider investing in a quality leather briefcase. A leather briefcase makes a statement about your sense of style and fashion. But to keep it in mint condition, you need to regularly care for it by using the following tips.

1. Condition It Regularly

It is recommended that you condition your leather briefcase at least once a year. This keeps it from flaking or wrinkling. You do this by applying a high quality leather conditioner using a cloth or a soft sponge. Use the soft cloth to gently massage the entire leather surface with the conditioner. When done, leave it for about ten minutes and then wipe off the excess with a dry cloth. This will leave your leather briefcase looking as good as new. Although it is recommended that you condition your briefcase at least once a year, you might want to do this every two or six months, especially if you live in areas with arid or humid climates.

2. Keep It Moisture Free

It is important that you keep moisture away from your briefcase. Should water spill on it, blot it out using a dry cloth. Don’t rub the moisture away. Instead, let the dry cloth absorb the moisture until your leather is completely dry. Wintry water may contain a certain level of salty products. Rubbing it off may damage your briefcase.

Once you have blotted out the moisture, leave your briefcase to air dry. If it gets soaked during a rainstorm, avoid the temptation to heat dry it in a bid to make it dry up faster. Instead, put it down on the floor or on a table to keep it from wrinkling or slouching. Stuff the briefcase with newspapers to ensure that its shape stays in place while absorbing the moisture inside. This should leave your briefcase looking as good as it was before it got soaked in the rainstorm.

3. Clean the Interiors Too

While it is important to keep the exterior of your briefcase as rugged and spotlessly clean as possible, you should not forget the interiors. Every once in a while, at least once a month, wipe the interior of your leather briefcase using a slightly damp cloth to remove dust and all debris or crumbs that may be lodged in there. Once done, leave the briefcase open to air dry.

4. Don’t Forget the Metallic Parts

Most briefcases have metal-coated chains and buckles. These too need to be cleaned regularly. Always ask for care tips from the boutique attendant.

5. Store It Properly

Always store your leather briefcase away from sunlight, dust, and heat. Ideally you should fill it with stuffing and then store it in a dustbag or box made of fabric. To keep your briefcase in shape, stuff it with butter paper. Avoid stuffing it with newspaper since it might smear your briefcase. Insert silica gel inside your bag to keep it from getting damp. To keep off mold, air your bag once every two weeks.

Caring for your new leather briefcase is not difficult if you simply follow the above maintenance regime. The one thing to remember is that your bag is an investment that will serve you for a long time, but only if you take proper care of it.

Before leaving the boutique, ask the attendant for caring tips and recommendations that will help you keep your briefcase in mint condition for a longer time. Depending on the type of your leather briefcase, the attendant should be able to advise on the right conditioner and also recommend how often you should apply it. If you treat your new briefcase right, it will serve you well.