The career path of a business analyst is constantly evolving, with endless opportunity for growing your professional and personal network. If you’re wondering whether taking business analysis courses is the right advancement for you, these five reasons can help you decide.

1. You Want to Go the Distance

A job as a business analyst presents plenty of opportunities to scale the corporate ladder. Each stage within this field provides the chance to advance your skills and expand your influence within your network and among like-minded individuals.

Business analysts start in an entry-level position, but gradual experience provides ample opportunity to move up, whether that means settling into a senior business analyst position or a related job title. You’ll find yourself reaching a pivotal turning point in your profession, where your expertise and ethic can lead you to more complex and ambitious projects.

2. You’re a Strong Leader

If you find yourself taking the lead in team projects, you’re a shoe-in to become a great business analyst. This varied role includes resource planning and people management to ensure business activities flourish. Leading isn’t limited to project management either You can become a peer mentor and guide younger professionals learning the ropes.

You understand that clear conversations and uniform collaboration are key to success. As project head, you’ll be the one facilitating meetings, where you and your team discuss improvements and solutions to common challenges. Strong team players will find themselves at home in this energetic environment.

3. You See the Big Picture, But Know You Can’t Skip the Details

Part of a business analyst’s job requires a balancing act of knowing when to see the entire forest, but understanding you can’t disregard all of the trees within. You’ll find yourself analyzing business processes to improve workflows or initiating projects that result in significant change. On a smaller scale, gathering documents and facts to solve these problems is just as important. The relevant minute details are just as crucial for a successful end result.

You understand the steps and hurdles, both technical and non-technical, that you need to overcome in order to achieve lucrative business decisions. The future of business analysis continues to evolve, and you’re interested in picking up on big ideas that move with change, while being mindful of the particulars that impact big ideas.

4. You Can Identify Needs to Find Solutions

Business analysis is a catalyst for change within. Your job is to understand how a business operates from the inside in order to improve current processes and establish tangible business goals. Whether you’ve learned this from previous experience or your current position, you understand that customers have needs and you need to meet them.

This job requires enhancing business operations: You locate and amend existing gaps. You, no doubt, enjoy being the expert and solving problems. You’ll analyze needs and turn these issues into viable solutions, whether as new customer products or refined systems.

5. You’re Interested in a Diverse Line of Work

Career advancement is traditionally thought of as moving up, but this isn’t the only option for a business analyst: There are endless possibilities to move in any direction. Working in a variety of positions enhances your professional performance, as you develop new skills and gain experience.

Think of a business analyst position as a leaping board for you to explore different roles, whether it’s a lateral shift, through relocation or realignment. You could move to a different facility within the organization for a new career opportunity. You might explore related opportunities within your current role, such as becoming a project manager or user experience designer.

The career path for a business analyst is an ongoing venture. See where your management skills, work expertise, and talents can take you.