Physical therapy is a method of treatment that is used to treat the problems with the musculoskeletal system, in cases of injuries or pain, as well as movement restrictions that hinder the quality of life and the performance of everyday tasks and activities. Its application reduces pain, improves the functioning of the locomotor apparatus and makes it easier to carry out everyday activities. The goal of this therapy is to establish enough strength and functions of diseased and injured parts of the body, as well as to help patients during the whole process of recovery. Physical therapy and treatment with physical means represent the oldest form of therapy.

Physical therapy represents the use of various forms of energy for the purpose of prevention, treatment, and training. In order to achieve the desired effects in the treatment, physical therapy uses thermal, mechanical, acoustic, and energy magnetic fields. All these forms of energy can be obtained artificially or from natural sources. If, after this, you decide to visit a physiotherapist, our recommendation definitely goes to Brampton physiotherapy, but before that, make sure to read our list and check out whether you have some of the possible signs you may need physiotherapy. Our list was inspired by David Dalton’s article from PhysioCare.

  1. Your mobility has decreased – even only slightly

You don’t need to wait to have a great pain in your pack or to come to the point that you cannot move or get up from your bed in order to visit a physiotherapist. If you feel only the slightest pain or that your mobility has decreased, it’s the time to visit a professional and ask for a treatment.

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  1. Your balance has become unstable

If, during the day, and during your regular daily activities you feel that you are losing your balance and becoming unstable, this is definitely the sign that you should visit a physiotherapist. Don’t wait to faint, but act preventively!

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  1. You need the bathroom more often than before

Believe it or not, this is one of the signs you definitely need to visit a physiotherapist. In this case, they may assess the problem and prescribe tailored pelvic floor exercises to strengthen the area. Of course, this does not mean that you should not visit a doctor in this case, as you should not ignore these symptoms.

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  1. You are experiencing constant pain

If you had an accident or an injury, or if out of unknown reasons you feel constant pain in certain areas, this is definitely the sign that you should visit a physiotherapist before it’s too late. Don’t wait until you cannot move and act preventively.

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  1. It hurts while sitting at your desk

If your job and obligations require sitting at your desk a lot, and if you start experiences the pain while doing so, don’t wait a second. Search for the right physiotherapist and start undergoing certain treatments, make sure to move around more, make breaks, and act preventively.

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