When the money is good and you’re comfortable in your current role, it’s easy to get complacent. You stay at your job simply because it’s easier to do so than it is to seek out new ventures. Many professionals in the banking, finance, and accounting industries face are in the same situation.

If you really think about your satisfaction with your job as it stands today, though, you might realize it could be time for a career change. Not sure if a career change is right for you? Consider these 5 signs that indicate moving on to greener pastures is probably the right choice.

1. There Are No Opportunities for Advancement

You might have loved your job in the beginning, but it’s been a few years now of the same responsibilities, day in and day out. When you were first starting out, you probably had dreams of advancements. The career possibilities in the future seemed endless. But now, not so much. The only moves you can see making in your organization are lateral. There’s no room for growth.

You have your entire career ahead of you. If you cannot move up the ladder in your company, it might be time to consider new opportunities. This is especially true if you keep getting passed over for promotions.

2. There Is a Lack of Professional Development

Perhaps you’re content in your current role. You’re happy with your hours and your workload. You don’t want to move into a more senior role, and that’s OK. But consider whether or not you still regularly find opportunities to learn new skills, to expand your network, or to gain new experiences. Do you receive frequent feedback that enables you to improve? Do you receive advice from your supervisor?

If it’s been a while since you’ve learned anything new and you don’t believe you’ve really been able to develop professionally—at least for the past few years—it might be time to flex those intellectual muscles elsewhere. Staying in your current role may be a disservice to your career.

3. You’re Not Challenged Anymore

Performing the same work every day might make you an expert at what you do, but if you’re honest with yourself, you might realize you’re bored. You might want to work on more challenging accounts or manage larger clients. If you’ve expressed these wishes to your supervisor and been ignored, seek those challenges elsewhere or you’ll likely soon resent your employer.

4. You Don’t Fit with the Company’s Culture

When you first received a job offer, you were probably more focused on the salary and other benefits more than anything else. Did you know cultural fit is just as critical—if not more so—to your job satisfaction than money?

If you’re constantly clashing with your colleagues, if you don’t believe in the company’s mission and values, and if your work style doesn’t match that of the firm’s, you’re probably not as happy as you could be. There is another firm better suited to your values and work style out there.

5. You’re Not Making Enough Money

Of course, money is often a determining factor when considering a career change. If you’ve been at your current job for many years and you’re not seeing the raises you were expecting, it doesn’t hurt to check out what else is out there. You want to ensure you’re financially comfortable and can maintain the lifestyle you enjoy.

Your career growth opportunities are limitless — if you allow yourself to discover them. If any of these signs resonate with your current situation, talk to a finance recruiter about your career goals and aspirations. It’s the first start to finding the ideal career where you’ll prosper.