For both homes and businesses, a good corner guard can extend the life of the building’s interior because it protects the walls from becoming scratched or damaged over time. Regular wear and tear is natural and unavoidable but these guards do a great job of protecting your walls from extreme damage. Below are five reasons to include them when you’re building a home or business.

1. Better for the Wallpaper

Guards placed on the corners of the room will prevent the wallpaper from peeling in that area, where this peeling often starts. In short, wallpaper will remain in place a lot longer if you have these guards inserted in the right area, which is one of their biggest benefits. It will also stay smoother and less faded over time. You can find a lot more information at the Boss Steel website.

2. They Can Add Some Ambiance to the Room

In addition to being a protective measure, the right corner guard can also add some attractiveness to the room it’s in because they come in a variety of designs, styles, and even colours. Wooden, stainless-steel, and aluminium guards can all include attractive and unique designs on them, increasing the aesthetic appeal of the entire room.

3. The Peace of Mind You Deserve

Having these guards gives you great peace of mind throughout the life of your home or business, because you’ll know that the areas they cover will not need regular maintenance or repairs. Fewer scuff marks and dents mean less time removing those things and with the exception of an occasional cleaning, the guards are practically maintenance-free.

4. The Drywall Is Also Protected

In addition to the wallpaper, a good corner guard also protects the drywall underneath. Without a guard, the wall’s corners can end up with some serious holes and tears in them, which usually requires the assistance of a professional contractor. If you want to avoid the trouble and expense associated with this problem, simply make sure that these guards are installed in your home or business.

5. Protection From Certain Injuries

Babies and toddlers especially can be injured on a corner that has no guard on it and the rubber guards are a perfect way to eliminate this problem. Kids of all ages like to play and hide behind the edges of the wall and it is easy for them to injure themselves without the right guard there, which is another very important reason to have them installed.