Yes, most businesses hire professional cleaning crews to rid the office of germs and bacteria. But sometimes it isn’t enough. It requires the everyday staff member to get the job done. You should and can do more, especially with the traditional and obligatory spring cleaning on the horizon.

Offices will have the essentials done every day or week: the toilets, the carpets, the sink. But what about the keyboard in your cubicle? What about the stacks of paper on your desk?

These are the types of chores that cannot be completed by office cleaning companies. They can only be done by you and your personnel.

Are you up for the job? You just need an hour. You can do it!

Here are five office cleaning tips your staff can do today:

1. Declutter the Cubicles & Get Organized

Here is a question: when was the last time you’ve seen the surface in your cubicle?

Most cubicle desks are cluttered with paperwork, electronics, candy wrappers, and soda cans. The last time you may seen the surface was when you first hired for the job years ago.

Well, with the spring cleaning season upon us, now would be an opportune time to declutter the cubicles, get organized, and clean the immediate areas. Before you know it, your cubicle will morph from being a swamp to being a sanitized utopia.

2. Wipe Down All Your Electronics

It’s safe to say that most offices now employ electronics to get work done. Computers, mobile devices, copying machines, and the long list of other electronics goes on. In your cubicle alone, you use a tablet, smartphone, and the office computer.

Here is another question: when was the last time you wiped down these electronics?

If you knew what was lingering in your keyboard, you likely would employ voice-to-text applications just so you never have to touch the space bar again.

You won’t need to go to those extreme measures anymore. Why? Because the simple solution is to just wipe down all your electronics with a Swiffer cloth and a Lysol wipe. You will be surprised the dirt that will be on that cloth and wipe when you’re finished.

3. Clean the Windows to Let Some Sun Shine

You’ve neglected your windows for several months because we didn’t get any sun anyway. With Old Man Winter gone and the beautiful sunshine of spring and summer arriving, you can make your windows great again.

Open the blinds, grab some Windex and paper towels, and start applying some good old-fashioned elbow grease. This is one of the best spring cleaning chores to perform because now the entire office can get an extra spring in their step and no longer be miserable inside.

4. Have You Seen the Refrigerator Lately?

The breakroom, or kitchen room, is a common area that can attract a lot of dirt, grime, and bacteria. Sure, the professional cleaning staff will sweet, mop, and wipe down the typical areas, but the areas that they won’t touch are your responsibility.

For example, the refrigerator is likely packed with four-month-old leftovers, opened soda cans, and a half-eaten cake that was ordered two years ago for the retiring manager.

During the spring cleaning session, open the fridge door and chuck everything that is more than a day old. You don’t want it to linger for several more months. Also, once everything is out of the refrigerator, be sure to wipe it down and place a baking soda package on the door shelf.

5. Install a Hand Sanitizer or Lysol Wipe Device

Lastly, and this is something for all-year-round: install a hand sanitizer or a Lysol wipe device on the wall next to the bathroom, kitchen, or front entrance. This will ensure that everyone’s hands are clean and will not contaminate the entire office, particularly if he or she is ill.

This may not be part of spring cleaning, but it is a worthwhile endeavour nevertheless.

In the end, we’re not suggesting that your team of employees should spend an entire workday cleaning. However, by gathering the employees together for just one hour of spring cleaning on a Friday, your office can be an oasis of cleanliness which breeds an environment of productivity.