Whether for your home or business, you’ll likely have the need for a locksmith at least once during your life. Locksmiths don’t just cut keys anymore and have grown to provide a variety of services to help keep your home or office safe and secure. If you need one of the following five locksmith services, it may be time to call.

1. Commercial security.

A reputable locksmith can provide all of the services you need for your business. Lock changes, lock repairs, master key systems, electronic keypad locks, or just a simple lock out service can all be obtained from a full-service locksmith. If you need high security locks or door closers, your locksmith should also be able to help.

2. Residential locks.

Locksmiths can provide a full range of services including repair, replacement and installation of equipment to ensure your locks are functioning properly and your home is secure. If you lock yourself out, they can get you in. If you want a push button locking system, they can provide and install it. Deadbolts, grip sets, push button locks and everything in between can be found at your local locksmith.

3. Safes.

Safes can be either built into a wall, or can be freestanding units you can tuck away in a corner or a closet. Safes have a variety of fire and burglary ratings and come in a wide range of sizes so it’s important to know the dimensions you need before buying a safe.

  • Fire and burglary safes are rated to protect against both fire and theft and are the best overall safes. Safes rated only as Burglary safes do not offer fire protection.
  • Wall safes are built right into a wall in your home or business and are usually concealed behind a hanging picture. These safes fit right into the existing stud walls but are not usually fire rated.


4. Car key remotes and fobs.

While your local locksmith likely doesn’t provide emergency lockout service for cars, they can probably help if you need extra keys, or a new fob or remote. Locksmiths may be able to repair your fob and can provide a new remote that works with your vehicle. Ask about which brands of vehicle they work with, or check the website for this information.

5. Padlocks and lockboxes.

Padlocks come in a range of types and styles. If you need a quantity of locks all keyed to a master, or if you want high security locks with keys that can’t be copied by employees or tenants, you can find them. Locks can be weather resistant and come if a variety of thickness and shackle lengths. Some padlocks are even Bluetooth enabled so you can open it with your smart phone.

Lockboxes are a great way for realtors and Landlords to provide access to a home or commercial space when they aren’t there.  Lockboxes can be hung on a door, or secured to a wall and are available with a combination lock or dial access.

Look for a full-service locksmith company in your area and don’t be shy about asking questions to find out what services they provide.