Everyone who has a home or even an apartment knows that drains can sometimes run slowly or even get clogged. It is normally thought of as a minor and simple maintenance issue that can be taken care of in a few minutes.

Sometimes, a problem drain that runs slowly due to a partial clog is somehow put off and even ignored. The clog gets bigger and worse. This now becomes a big issue, so you decide to finally do something about it. However, here are the main reasons it may be better to call a plumber than to do it yourself.

1. Making It Harder To Remove

Many a homeowner is probably a proud owner of a snake (no, not the reptile, hopefully), which is a device that can be used to remove a clog. For those who don’t have one, a metal clothes hanger is used so that it becomes a long strip of metal which is used to try and break up or remove the clog. Sometimes, these methods do work and it can clear the problem however, many people don’t know that it could end up making things worse.

There are times that these methods will not work. Instead of getting rid of the clog, it could end up pushing the clog further down the pipe. Not only that; all the pulling and prodding could end up making the clog tight and compact and this makes things worse.

2. Partial Removal

Even when you try to remove the clog yourself, you may succeed in getting a little bit, enough for water to pass through. Sometimes, you may succeed in opening the clog by pushing things aside so that a large enough opening is created. Water passes through and it appears the clog has been taken care of. However, it may still be there. That means it is going to happen again and this time, it could be worse.

3. Liquid Drain Cleaners

After all your snake and coat hanger adventures fail, you decide to spend some money on a liquid drain cleaner. Liquid cleaners are harsh chemicals which are capable of breaking down the clog. While it can cause water to run through the drain, this method is not always effective. It can lead to the corrosion and deterioration of your pipes, damaging it to the point where you will eventually end up with a bigger problem. This will end up damaging a part of your home leading to bigger expenses when you realize your pipes have been damaged. Drain cleaners are also not great for the environment.

4. Frequent Clogs

If you have frequent clogs, especially to one particular drain, it could be caused by several problems, perhaps even a serious one. If this sounds familiar to you, it may be better to call the plumber.

5. Deep Clog

Sometimes, a clog may be located deep down. This will involve a bigger job such as disassembling the framework. This is best left to professionals. Trying to solve it yourself may cause bigger problems and damage to your pipes or it could make the clog worse.

Prevention is better than cure, so, use drain covers and try to prevent clogs in the first place. Don’t pour grease down the drains. You could try cleaners you can make yourself with ingredients from your home. This will be less harsh and you could do maintenance that way. However, if you already have a nuisance or problem clog, call a qualified plumber and get the job done right.