You were previously in a car accident and you’ve received your claim from the insurance company. As much as you want to put this matter behind you, don’t accept the claim just yet. Speak to a car accident lawyer first and see how they can help you.

1. Fair Compensation

Insurance companies are in business to make money. They don’t always value the situation the same way you would. A lawyer can provide a complete assessment of your claim and damages—and ensure the amount awarded to you is, in fact, accurate. A car accident lawyer will review the insurance company’s claim in combination with additional, relevant factors that the insurance company may not have considered.

The insurance company has to decide whether the vehicle is worth the repair or whether it’s a total loss, and you want to ensure the final claim adequately represents that value. If the insurance company wrote your car off, but you recently put additional work into that vehicle, whether by keeping it in mint condition or just having the brakes replaced, these upkeep factors are considerations for awarding a higher claim.

A lawyer will weigh every single factor to ensure you’re receiving the amount you deserve.

2. The Full Legal Picture

Many insurance companies want you to speak with an insurance adjuster. Keep in mind that anything you say to them will go into your claim file, which can severely limit your rights and amount owed to you. Speak to a lawyer first to see if what you’re getting is reasonable and fair. The last thing you want is to give up your negotiating power.

Insurance companies issue claims in their best interest, and this puts you at a disadvantage. When you don’t know all your options or you aren’t wholly aware of your rights, you may not receive everything you’re entitled to. A car accident lawyer will paint the full picture for you, spelling out all of your rights to ensure you’re receiving what you should be.

3. Who’s Actually at Fault?

Fault is a major part of a car accident claim. An insurance company will or won’t cover certain costs as determined by your situation, and fault will work for or against you. If you were the negligent driver, this impacts your record, and you could be entitled to less than if you had been fault-free. A car accident lawyer can give you the best advice on what to do in either case, whether you need to mitigate your damages because you caused the accident or because you deserve more as a victim of the accident.

Several factors determine who’s at fault, such as wearing a seatbelt or turning left on a green light. These are just two examples of factors that impact your claim. You want to be sure you get it right. You might even disagree with the insurance company’s assessment. The lawyer will iron out these discrepancies and work to bring your situation to the best possible light.

4. Understanding Your Policy

An insurance policy covers specific details such as coverage and rights and responsibilities, but it isn’t exactly exciting reading material. Policies can be lengthy, complex, and exhausting to get through.

The claims process is easier to understand when you understand your policy, and a car accident lawyer will review the policy with you and help you decipher what it means. They’ll clearly explain the details of your policy and review it alongside the claim to determine all your possible options, such as the right to sue, fair compensation, time limits, and insurance increases.

5. A Completely Covered Claim

You want to ensure that each part of your policy is accurately represented in your claim. A lawyer will review the claim with your policy to determine if it is or whether adjustments can be made. A claim covers various aspects, and you want to ensure each applicable aspect is covered accurately and fully represents you after the accident.