Tech studios, sound booths, and home movie theatres all have in common one thing: they can always benefit from a cooling system that also keeps the electronic equipment protected.

If you’ve been considering different cooling systems for your setup, there are a lot of options. Here are just some of the reasons why cabinet coolers are better than fan cooling cabinets.

1. Protection Against Contaminants

A sealed system stops any environmental contaminants from getting into and messing with your cabinets. This can cause a lot of damage to your equipment, so keeping it away is always a good thing. Debris, dust, and other particles can sometimes find their way into the parts of your AV equipment when you least expect it, so a closed system will stop this completely.

The only requirement to prevent exposure to contaminants is to make sure you check on the air filters in your cooling cabinets on a regular schedule, to ensure you keep on top of when they will need to be replaced, thus maintaining security of your cooling cabinet and the equipment it protects.

2. Temperature Control

Cabinet cooler systems that are totally enclosed or sealed off can offer the most temperature control. If the room your equipment is stored in has a temperature fluctuation, your cooling cabinet will not be affected, as long as it was still sealed. It can also protect your electronic equipment against the shock of high temperatures or climate change.

With conductor boards, you can construct air-conditioned cooling, which will keep your delicate and pricey equipment safe and in their best possible working conditions. When you take care of your equipment properly, you won’t spend as much in repair, replacement, and maintenance costs.

3. Durability

Yet another benefit of choosing a cabinet system over other options like a fan cooling system is that you can protect your equipment and make it live a lot longer. When you protect your electronics from outside damage and other external influences like heat or contaminants, you will be able to enjoy your equipment for a lot longer. It will also function at an optimal level for the entire time you have it, which will help save you money and frustration in the long run.

4. Flexibility

Unlike with fan cooling cabinets, all cooling cabinets are fully enclosed. This means you have greater flexibility regarding where you put your equipment. Add in the fact that the cooling cabinets will also block out humidity, dirt, temperature extremes, dust, moisture, and other possible contaminants, you can place the cabinets wherever you want, with no limits to the places where you would place a fan cooling system.

5. Tips to Prevent Failure

Although cabinet cooling systems are generally reliable and robust, all that depends on you correctly designing, installing, and using them. Just a few of the common mistakes that might prevent your cabinet cooling system from working properly are:

  • using an air conditioner that is too big for the space;
  • fitting the air conditioner to a ventilated enclosure where hot air enters;
  • leaving the enclosure doors open, exposing the inside to contaminants;
  • having an incorrect NEMA rating;
  • going with the cheapest possible option;
  • forgetting regular maintenance and upkeep; and
  • failing to review heat load after upgrading your electrical equipment.

All in all, having the proper cooling for your electronic enclosure is important, and when you use it properly, it can protect your electronic equipment from outages and will work to extend the life of your equipment. If you aren’t sure if you’re using your cooling cabinets correctly, contact a cabinet cooler expert for guidance and advice.