Organizing transportation for a company can be stressful. Not only will you need to purchase vehicles for your fleet, but you will inevitably need to manage the drivers, monitor deliveries, provide frequent maintenance and more. To help alleviate these issues, consider outsourcing your transportation needs. That’s because, outsourcing transportation can offer companies a cheaper, quicker and easier service. Below, we’ve highlighted all the reasons why you should outsource your transportation needs today.

1. Easier to Manage

One of the main benefits of outsourcing transportation is the ease that comes with it. When companies turn to outsourcing, all that they will have to do it advice the company of what type of delivery it will be used for. Based on your description, a trained professional handling your file will be able to match you with an adequately sized vehicle, equipment, and driver.

When compared to handling this on your own, you no longer have to schedule, follow-up or manage the process. Instead, the outsourcing company will be held responsible for these tasks. This means, you will inevitably be able to clear up valuable time during the work day to focus on your job.

2. Guaranteed Service

Having to rely on your own staff to co-ordinate the company’s transpiration can lead to delays, lost production and higher costs. If a worker is not familiar with the type of vehicle needed they are at risk of ordering an incorrect truck. As well, you will always need to ensure your truck drivers are on time, and working according to schedule.

When it comes to outscoring transportation, you will no longer have to worry. Most Canadian trucking companies will have a dedicated and skilled staff at your disposal. This means, that regardless of the request you will have a constant point of contact, and can guarantee that all deliveries will arrive on time.

3. Less Expensive

Outsourcing your company’s transportation needs can drastically decrease the amount your company spends on it. Your company will not have to hire a dedicated staff to drive the trucks, manage the fleet, or co-ordinate the scheduling. In addition to saving on staffing costs, companies will no longer have to purchase dedicated storage spaces to house the vehicles. Finally, you will not have to worry about maintaining the vehicles, or paying for costly repairs. That’s because, an outsourcing company will be responsible for managing the vehicles, drivers and storage.

4. Accommodating Fleet

Dedicated transportation services will inevitably have a larger selection of vehicles to serve your company’s needs. That’s because, these services specialize in accommodating transportation. This means, if your company has a special request or unusual delivery, an outsourcing company will likely have a solution. As well, with an outsourcing company you will be able to expand service, or minimize it depending on the season.

This can be difficult without the help of an outsourcing company. That’s because, you will likely need to purchase additional vehicle and hire more staff to accommodate a busy season. Doing this on your own can be expensive and stressful. Rather, companies should turn to the help of an outsourcing company that can simply change their fleet size at your request.

5. Safer

When you outsource your deliveries to a company, you will no longer be fully responsible for the entire delivery. Most delivery services offer insurance for the vehicle, driver and cargo. This means, you won’t need to worry that a single accident will devastate your livelihood as the liability will be shared.