Are you interested in becoming a mascot? There are many opportunities for all kinds of mascot jobs, but you need to know where to look for them. You may be surprised at some of these places. It does not matter if you are in a big city or even a small town. There are opportunities available, so let’s take a closer look at where you can find mascot jobs.

1. Companies/Businesses

There are many businesses that use a mascot as part of their campaigns in advertising and getting the word out. It is actually a good idea and it works to raise awareness. Think about it; why would they continue to do it if it wasn’t working? Another point worth considering is that many companies also employ the services of an experienced mascot to represent them. This is because employees are reluctant to do this. While there are some braver souls who will volunteer their services, most people will understandably shy away from it.

Imagine if one such employee was cajoled into donning a mascot uniform. They would be uncomfortable and not perform very well, which isn’t good for anyone. Someone else (such as yourself perhaps) will do a better job if they are into it and if you have the experience. This person will do a good job in representing the brand. You can check with companies as well as job listings and even contact a mascot company who may have jobs and mascot costumes available for their clients.

2. Schools

Schools are good places to contact. Many schools and educational institutions will have mascots. It is true that many of these schools will have their students or staff volunteer their services for the cause, however, there is no harm in asking. Some schools may be open to having a dedicated mascot who will be there for whatever the occasion is. Admittedly, this may not be the best solution for someone with great experience, but for someone without any and who may be just starting out, this is a perfect opportunity to get valuable experience. This could lead to bigger and better opportunities in colleges and universities.

3. Online

The Internet is a great resource to look for mascot opportunities. LinkedIn has many opportunities (who would have thought, eh?) Another site to check is Indeed Canada. You can also search for other places online without having to pick up a phone.

4. Sports Clubs

Sports teams and sports clubs are great places to check for mascot opportunities. Many top sports organizations, those who are at the professional and semi-professional level take this pretty seriously. If you are lucky enough to land a position as a mascot with a professional sports team, this can actually end up being a full-time job. Something like this would mean you will be performing at their games but also at other occasions and venues. Mascots will be required to be present in hospitals, charities, promotional events and other fun stuff.

Make sure to check out with the city or town for any opportunities at festivals and parades as well. More often than not, mascots will be involved in these. If you happen to own your own mascot uniform, this may also work in your favour as you check with the city/town. Keep looking, because some opportunities are bigger, where you work full-time for a salary and you will be really busy!