Businesses looking to promote their brand rely on the work of promotional gifts. Why hand out business cards which are often lost or disposed of when you could make an impression with a promotional gift? Especially if the promotional gift is a product like a pen, it continues to make an impression the more the client uses it. Here are a few other ways that you can make the most out of promotional gifts:

1. Promotional products are better than business cards, so hand them out!

A lot of business owners hand out cards to get their brand image out there. The problem with business cards is that they are terribly forgettable. One of the best ways to make an impression with clients is to give your clients something they can actually use. Putting your logo, slogan, company name, and contact information on a promotional gift like a pen or notebook can make your client more likely to reach out to you and use your services. Especially with a commonplace item like a pen or magnet, it keeps the name and slogan in their mind.

2. Cater your promotional products to specific industries

Different industries could use different gifts. For example, clients working in the hardware industry could use a small, portable tool kit with the company logo and name on it. Office workers may enjoy office tools with the company logo on it, like a pen, notebook, stapler, mug, etc. In broader events, you can get away with more generic giveaways like t-shirts, pens, and refillable water bottles. However, with more specific businesses, you will want to actually think about what you are handing out.

3. Create seasonal promotional gifts

Different seasons call for different promotional gift opportunities. The month of March may be a good opportunity to hand out pint glasses or shot glasses with the company logo, name and slogan. Sports water bottles may make more sense in the summer months, ornaments can make an impression during the holiday season, etc. Also, if your company is celebrating a milestone, the promotional gift set handed out during the celebration should reflect the moment (so don’t just hand out mugs, pens, magnets, or stickers). The quality should be a lot higher. If there are extra products laying around, make sure you take them back. They will still be useful next holiday season.

4. Contact Information or Call to Action

Having your logo and name on a product is all well and good, but in order to really make a connection, it makes more sense to add contact information and some kind of prompt for action. For example, if you run a law service, you can include your contact information and write in a phrase like “Call us to set up a consultation today!”. Make sure the call to action is free of any obligation and satisfies the customer’s curiosity and answers their concerns.