Filling an open position is never an easy task. Inefficient hiring processes cause you to take on employees that aren’t a good fit for your company. Hiring is about much more than merely reviewing resumes and asking generic interview questions. This blog post looks at four things your company can do to make the hiring process easier.

1. Enhance Your Job Descriptions

Professional job descriptions attract professional candidates. The candidates you want know how to spot warning signs in job descriptions and do their best to stay away. If you present the position the wrong way in the description, you may be unintentionally chasing away the best candidates. It’s worth investing in a professional writer to ensure you’re posting professional job posts.

One approach that works with job descriptions is outlining what you can do for the employees who are selected to work with your company. While it’s important to describe what you expect from potential employees, it’s also important to let people know that taking care of your team members is a priority. Including some of the benefits and perks of working with your company in the job description helps you attract the candidates you want.

2. Don’t Discount Personality Match

Skill-sets are important, but you can’t afford to neglect personality. The wrong personality fit for your company can cause a highly talented candidate to appear to be a poor fit. Skills can always be built upon, but you’re not going to be able to change personalities.

When interviewing candidates consider their communication skills, interpersonal skills, and level of emotional intelligence. You should also evaluate the culture of your organization and brainstorm the type of person who you’d think would be a good fit. Paying attention to this aspect of hiring will reduce the number of candidates that don’t work out.

3. Find Ways To Conduct Better Interviews

Successful interviews touch on multiple factors that are essential to your business. If you only focus on evaluating specific skills, you’ll miss out on other aspects such as personality and their receptiveness to coaching. Take the time to assess the position you have open and what factors are essential to fulfilling the responsibilities.

Another thing to keep in mind during the interview is to be open about what it’s like working for your company. Part of the interview process is for the candidate to learn more about you. Being open and honest about the work life can help candidates decide if they’re truly ready to commit or not.

4. Use The Predictive Index To Your Advantage

With all the technology available, there’s no reason to rely on traditional approaches to hiring. The Predictive Index is a fascinating tool that can help your company with leadership development and employee coaching in addition to recruitment. You can use The Predictive Index to identify the behaviors that are most likely to fit in well with your team and your industry.

By assessing the frequent and critical tasks of a role, The Predictive Index can indicate which cognitive abilities are best for the job. Approaching your hiring in this manner will reduce how many chances you’re taking on employees. It’ll also help you identify personalities that mesh well with your team, which will significantly minimize the learning curve.

All in all, taking the time to prepare for your interviews will help you find the best candidates. By enhancing your recruitment process and using tools like The Predictive Index to your advantage, you can increase the number of successful hires by your company. Keep these four tips in mind next you have a position open!