Water purification tablets are small, and easily transportable. Though small, these tablets can be lifesaving.

Designed for purifying water from an untreated source, it is a vital essential in many scenarios. Not only can these tablets eliminate pathogens, but they can do it better and faster than other purification methods.

Despite their uses, many think they have no need for water purification tablets. However, there are many common scenarios that can require you to use one. That’s why, we’ve listed below some every day scenarios where a water purification tablet may be able to save your life.

1. Camping or Hiking

You should never head out for a hike without a pack of water purification tablets. If you’re out on a long trek and happen to run out of clean water the consequences could be devastating. With water purification tablets, campers don’t need to worry. This is because, the tablets would give them access to clean drinking water.

When compared to boiling water, using a tablet is a faster choice. Plus, if conditions are too harsh, lighting a fire may not be possible. That’s why, all campers should carry with them a pack of the water purification tablets. These tablets can be used to dissolve into any unclean water source. Meaning, they simply need to access a stream, river, or lake.

2. Backpacking

If you intend to travel through foreign countries, it is suggested to carry a pack of water purification tablets. This is because, drinking water in other countries could carry bacteria. This is especially true in developing countries where the source of water can be contaminated. Many travelers are faced with illnesses that stem from drinking contaminated water.

These illnesses could be as small as traveler’s diarrhea or can be as sever cholera, and typhoid. Many travelers are also not aware that food cooked in water can also carry bacteria. Rather than risk an illness while on holiday, it is best to carry water purification tables. That way, you can quickly disinfect water regardless of where you are in the world.

3. Road Trips

If you intend to drive for a long period of time, it is suggested to carry a pack of water purification tablets. This is because, you can never predict when and where an accident can occur. If your car does happen to break down in a secluded area and you cannot access fresh water, you can simply use the water purification tablets on a nearby water source.

4. Natural Disasters

If your home, or town, goes through an unexpected disaster you may not have access to clean water. This is why it is best to keep a package of water purification tablets in your home’s emergency kit. Following a disaster, there may not be access to safe drinking water. For example, if the electricity goes out in your town the water treatment plants in your area may stop working. Therefore, you may not be able to consume the water from your taps without fear of it carrying harmful bacteria.

Plus, in severe conditions emergency workers may not be able to get to you to deliver fresh and clean drinking water. In cases where severe natural disaster occur, boiling water may not be an option in your home. This is because, if the gas lines in your home are out, you will not have a source of heat to boil the water. In this case, it is best to use the tablets. That way, if an emergency were to occur your family would have access to clean water regardless of the situation.