Building a website can be a great experience. Whether you’re starting a small business, a blog, a dedicated webpage for entertainment purposes, or a fan site, developing a webpage can be an incredible learning experience. Before a website can be launched, however, a hosting solution must be found.

Web hosting comes in a variety of packages, ranging from very inexpensive, to more expensive options such as dedicated hosting. Each package has its pros and cons and depending on the scope of a webpage, different solutions may be required.

Websites which attract or are intended to attract above average traffic often require better hosting packages. Additionally, complex websites, or web developers who may need access to their hosting server, will definitely need more powerful hosting solutions.

With all of this in mind, it can be a bit difficult to choose the right hosting solution from the get-go, and planning for the future may affect a website owner’s decision. Thankfully, there’s an inexpensive solution which provides many of the benefits of the highest end solutions, without the burden of a substantial cost increase.

VPS web hosting is the perfect middle ground for any website owner looking to upgrade to a dedicated style of hosting, or a web developer planning for the future. VPS hosting is inexpensive, usually not much more expensive than shared hosting options, and provides a whole slew of advantages for those looking to take their website to the next level.

There are so many reasons to consider VPS hosting, and below we’ll look at just a few.

1. It’s an Inexpensive Upgrade

As previously noted, VPS hosting is low cost compared to many of the hosting solutions above it, while providing many benefits unavailable to packages below it. VPS hosting provides developers with access to the host server, which lower level packages such as shared hosting, simply can’t. This allows developers to customize their website in ways which would be impossible without server access and allows for more detailed management of a website.

2. VPS Packages Have Dedicated Resources

Aside from simply providing server access, VPS hosting packages guarantee the availability of server resources for each website utilizing a server. VPS stands for Virtual Private Server, and the way VPS hosting works is that each site owner rents out a portion of a dedicated servers resources, and a virtual private server which is isolated from the rest of the server is spawned with those resources. Essentially, VPS web owners share the cost of a dedicated server, and as a result, have access to capabilities only available to dedicated styles of hosting, without the more significant cost of an entire dedicated server.

3. VPS Hosted Pages Are Faster

Because each VPS within a single dedicated server is guaranteed access to the resources chosen in their package, websites can reliably run at faster speeds without being concerned about a sudden lack of resources, which can occur on shared hosting solutions.

Improved access to on-demand resources also ensures that a website can manage large quantities of traffic, without slowing down or faltering. As a website grows, it’s important to maintain it’s functionality under heavy traffic, and VPS solutions handle traffic much easier.

4. Less Downtime, More Uptime

 Aside from server access and dedicated resources, the number one benefit of VPS hosting is its significantly improved uptime. Most VPS providers can guarantee a minimum of 99.9% uptime for a website, which is a massive improvement over lower level options. Websites which aren’t online and available aren’t doing their job, and maximizing uptime is vital to ensuring a website’s success. Guaranteed uptime alone is a valuable enough reason to consider a VPS solution, and the benefits of eliminating downtime nearly entirely simply can’t be overstated.

Whether you’re launching a small webpage with big dreams, managing an important storefront for your startup business, or simply looking to have some fun working on a personal website, VPS hosting can make your life as a website owner many times easier. Once you give VPS hosting a try, you’ll be hard-pressed to remember how you ever got along without it.