If your business regularly ships products you are probably always looking for ways to improve the shipping process. Shipping boxes are important for any business that regularly transports products to customers. As a business, you have a lot more options to send your products to your customers other than a plain brown box. Here are 4 reasons why custom boxes can help your business in the long and short-term.

1. Custom boxes save you money

This may come as a surprise to many, but custom shipping boxes actually save businesses that have to ship products money, year on year. As you are purchasing boxes that are to the exact size and specifications that your product requires you are not paying for shipping a larger box than you need to. You also save money on excess packing materials. The savings will add up over time.

Also as you are not using boxes that are too large you will also be helping the environment. Showing your customers that you are committed to going green gives them an additional reason to give you their hard-earned money.

2. It’s good for your brand

When you stop to think about how many people your custom designed shipping box will come into contact with on its journey from your location to the customer’s home it is really quite staggering. You can use these eyeballs to help promote your brand and spread the word. Ever wondered why you can spot a box from Amazon from so far away? Yep, that’s a custom designed box. Seeing a brand logo and slogan on a box gives you confidence that the contents of the box is of high quality and that it has been packaged well.

Try to think of the box as a blank canvas for your advertising. You could place anything you want on the box from simply your logo, to a marketing message. You can even go a step further and add branding colours to the whole box. Subscription box companies do this a lot. Take a look at Sprezza Box or Little Life Box and you will see how effective it can be to design a unique custom shipping box design for your company.

3. Your product will be safer in transit

Boxes that are too large for the product that they are transporting can cause the product to be damaged. Even when using packaging materials to fill in the gaps, the best method for ensuring that a product is shipped with no damage is to have a custom designed box to bit the product in.

If you find that some of your customers have complained that the products that they have ordered have not arrived in perfect condition then it may be time to look towards changing the shipping boxes that you use.

4. It gives the customer a unique experience

When you receive a package in the mail, does a brown box really give the customer a warm feeling towards your company? Is it aligned with your brand messaging or how you want to be perceived as a company? As a marketing tool, a custom box can be a very powerful addition to designing a customer experience that you can be proud of.

When a customer receives a custom designed box for the first time, you want to make an impression. This can be done by including brand colours or even something as simple as a pleasant message. Reaffirming your brand promise to always deliver premium products at an affordable price.