Your dog is a valued part of your family, but it’s crucial to establish boundaries. Spoiling your dog can inadvertently create behavioral issues that can be hard to correct. A Portuguese water dog that doesn’t know it’s position will seek to be the leader of the household which can cause problems. This blog post looks at three different tips that will help stop these behavioral issues before they start!

1. Teach Your Dogs Words

Teaching your Portuguese water dog puppies words from a young age makes training them a much more natural task. Every word you teach your dog improves their behavior just a little more. If your dog knows what you mean when you’re talking to them, they’ll grow into happy, smart and confident dogs.

As you and your dog get more familiar with each other, you’ll be able to “read” each other’s actions. Your dog will be able to read your facial expressions and body language and have a good idea of what you need them to do. Don’t waste your money sending your dog to a dog training school unless you’ll be there in person. In order for the bond to develop between you and your dog, it has to be you who is teaching them.

2. Help Your Portuguese Water Puppies Get Plenty Of Exercise

Portuguese water dog puppies crave and need exercise. It’s your job as the owner to determine the kind of activity to avoid injuring a growing puppy or overexerting them. Portuguese water dogs mature similarly to a large dog, which means their muscles need time to catch up to the growth of their frame. Proper exercise will ensure healthy muscle growth.

Try and walk your dog three times a day. If you decide to play fetch, make sure to throw in a straight line since sudden turns can injure your dog. If your Portuguese water dog is playing with another dog, make sure the play doesn’t get out of hand and stop it if things get too rough.

Portuguese water dogs also respond positively to mental games. Hiding their favorite toy and getting them to find it or hiding a treat under one of three cups is a great way to get your dog mentally stimulated and excited. Your dog won’t quit playing on their own so make sure you monitor their energy levels and end play time when it’s appropriate.

3. Don’t Baby Your Portuguese Water Dog

If you’re not careful, your Portuguese water dog puppies can develop a bit of an attitude. It’s understandable that you want to shower your puppy with love, but taking this approach will cause some bad behavior in your Portuguese water dog puppies. Your dog should, of course, be treated with respect at all times, but they need to know their position in the hierarchy of your pack (family).

Avoid feeding your dog before you eat. In the dog world, the alpha always eats first. Never feed them from the table since this can cause begging when you decide not to do it. Another thing to keep in mind is not to let your dog sleep on your bed or any furniture. This subconsciously tells them they are on the same level as everyone in the house. Introduce your dog to their bed and help them recognize it’s a safe place that they can call their own.

While Portuguese water puppies are extremely cute, don’t carry them around like you see celebrities doing. Constantly holding your dog makes them feel superior and makes them incredibly possessive. If you carry your dog in your arms all the time, you may inadvertently create separation issues.