When it’s time to hire a new employee who is a graduate, it can be a tricky proposition. It’s also going to be hit and miss. You just don’t know what you are getting. The person might go on to be one hell of an employee and go from strength to strength as they climb up the ladder. They may also turn out to be a nightmare that may have to be let go, or perhaps they may leave before you ask them to.
The problem is it can be difficult to make this call because the graduate may not have had any prior work experience and so you take a chance. Let’s take a look at some areas that headhunters look for that can help when hiring a graduate for a position in the company.

1. Look For Drive

Having drive is not something you can train. Someone with drive has a good attitude towards their work. Don’t place too much emphasis on ambition. A lot of people can show ambition. They tell you that they want to make their first million by the time they hit 25. This is something anyone can say. What you need to look for is their work ethic and if they are resilient.

In the interview, ask them how old they were when they had their first job and how it went. Did they do a difficult job, or was it a job that fell in their lap, such as working in their father’s office? Try to find out if they have that inner strength deep within that they can reach for when the chips are down.

2. Look For Emotional Intelligence

You want to hire someone who is thoughtful and who deals with things sensibly and in a realistic way, as this will make them a good team member. An employee like that will be an asset to the company. However, you want someone who has a good balance where you don’t want them trying to win at all cost but they are not too soft either.

3. Someone Who Won’t Jump Ship

Statistics show that many young graduates will probably leave the job in less than two years. It is just a stepping stone for them. This does not help you or the company. In fact, it will end up costing money. After they’ve been hired and trained, they end up leaving. That’s not good, is it? During the interview, try to probe and see if you can find out if they really want to work for you or if you are just a stepping stone until they find something more up their street.

At the same time, you also have to keep your word. After talking up the company and getting them excited about their duties only to have them work in a dark room entering data all day, then can you honestly blame them if they decided to jump ship?

During an interview, try to notice if they have a little bit of business acumen that you feel is something that can be nurtured and developed. If they are curious about the company and its products, clients, challenges and its future, you may be on to a winner.