Job opportunities offering relocation assistance are growing in numbers. Even in an increasingly virtual world, some jobs still require workers to be in a specific area and contributing to the local economy. Here are a few jobs that offer relocation assistance as well as some guidance on where to look for similar employment in a location of your choosing:

Job #1: Corporate Directors

Corporate offices are fixated in major North American cities, such as Toronto and Seattle. Corporate work focuses on attracting the best talent. For this reason, many offices offer corporate relocation assistance as they bring in workers from all over the world.

This field is where a lot of relocation opportunities exist, suitable for those that are qualified and seeking a chance to make a go of it somewhere other than their current region. You can make the most out of this opportunity by contacting professional corporate relocation services and seeking their help.

Job #2: Scientists

The science industry has many jobs that offer relocation assistance. Scientists develop and explore research usually based in specific areas, often universities or commercial scientific research facilities. To conduct certain research or to work in a lab, those environments are found few and far between. Relocation is understood as a part of scientific work, although not all job opportunities offer assistance with this.

Job #3: Teachers

Although not as common as other jobs on this list, teacher employment offers can sometimes include relocation. For areas such as Canada’s north, these aren’t popular regions for workers. Teachers are still required for the population that lives here. This has resulted in employers a la school boards offering relocation as a part of their job packages.

Job #4: Hospitality

In hospitality, you have cruise ships, international resorts, nature reserves, beaches, public parks, five-star hotels, restaurants and more that all want the absolute best talent. Above entry-level, hospitality positions are competitive, especially with new locations opening up in cities in North American and overseas. For those that are willing to make the move, there’s a lot of very interesting job opportunities out there.

Job #5: Audiologists

Audiologist work cannot be performed through a digital portal. Audiology requires an in-person assessment. There are many rural areas as well as northern regions where there’s a shortage of audiologists and similar employment. Companies are offering relocation packages to attract workers to these places, ensuring local communities are served no matter where they are.

Job #6: Marketing

The world’s top marketing companies are always looking at nabbing the newest talent, the absolute best of the best. They’re willing to pay for it. Lucrative marketing opportunities exist everywhere from Toronto to Seattle. The higher up one goes in the marketing industry, the more likely they are to find relocation included in employment offers.

Job #7: Family Physicians

Despite a growing number of graduates in this category of work, there are still significant family physician shortages in not only rural parts of the continent but in major cities. They are in high demand, sometimes meaning one can negotiate relocation included in their employment package. Even if relocation isn’t offered directly, there may be indirect benefits provided to physicians moving from far away.

Job #8: Financial Analysts

The financial services industry is largely centered around specific cities, such as Toronto. For financial analysis and the collaboration or strategizing that can sometimes follow, relocation assistance is offered to attract the best talent to these positions. There are financial analysts in government, the commercial and corporate world, and charity organizations. Some – though not all – will cover expenses on relocation.

Job #9: Supply Chain Managers

Supply chains are built around specific cities where product is manufactured, shipped, and processed. Supply chain managers know this. Around the world, numerous supply chain management opportunities exist with relocation included. Especially in industries like mining, relocation for workers is a necessity as the physical location is at the centre of work.

Job #10: Farming

Farms require a lot of work, especially commercial facilities. From temporary workers to farm management, employment packages offer relocation assistance to ensure they attract the workers they need in the time they need it. For those interested in seeing what rural living has to offer, farms are a lot of work but job opportunities come around on-the-regular.

Job #11: Online Programmers

Online programmers in the video game and computer industry rely on working in a collaborative environment. For video game entertainment, computer software and applications, and more, the most memorable titles are arrived at through the exchange of ideas in company headquarters and programming hubs. This is why relocation is so important.

Job #12: Occupational Therapists

Similar to physical therapists and related jobs, occupational therapy requires someone being there on-site to work with a client and assist with intervention, treatment, prevention, education, and counseling. In rural communities, there’s a lack of occupational therapists resulting in more job offers with relocation included.

Job #13: Business Development Officer

A business development officer isn’t hired to work remotely. They’re hired to come to a commercial environment, increase efficiencies, and improve on the metrics given. Business development opportunities can include relocation assistance or it can be negotiated for employment in uncommon or rural areas.