If you are planning to move to Canada, you need to know all the immigration requirements.

The world has increasingly become a global village. Movement from one end of this village to the other is on the rise. However, it is important to know the essential requirements of moving from one place to another in a global village governed by strict immigration laws.

Before you are allowed entry, there are some important requirements for moving to Canada:

Requirement 1: A Canadian Immigrant Visa

A visa might be one of the most important requirements for moving to Canada.

Canadian Embassies are strategically located across the globe. Get yourself an immigrant visa from your nearest Canadian embassy. This Visa is the legal permission for entry into any part of Canada. Immigration officers at the entry point will be keen to confirm you are entering the country legally.

Failure to have a valid Visa will set you up against the law. You must have a valid passport from your country of origin. The Visa will state your entry status. This is the most important document you will need to enter Canada.

Requirement 2: Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is essential for, among many other benefits, your personal health. Ensure you have an insurer who can take care of any eventuality that could compromise your well-being. Immigration officials will keenly scrutinize your insurance cover to ensure it is valid.

Requirement 3: Health Confirmation Certificate

Your health is your responsibility. Make sure you are free from communicable diseases, otherwise you will be refused entry into Canada. Get vaccinated against Yellow Fever and arm yourself with a confirmation certificate. You will do justice to yourself if you address your health concerns early on.

Requirement 4: Confirmation of Permanent Residence

In case you are immigrating to Canada with your family, you will have to confirm they have residence status. Not only that, but you will also have to prove they are g members of your family. This is essential in curbing the menace of human trafficking that is rampant in some parts of the world.

Canadian immigration offices near you can confirm your family’s residence status. All you need is to provide them with requisite details about your family, such as birth and marriage certificates.

Requirement 5: A Valid Passport & Other Travel Documents for Everyone

Moving to Canada is a legal and verifiable process. Each person travelling with you is subject to this simple standard. To avoid letting down yourself and any family member travelling with you, get essential travel documents for each of them. If you are travelling to Canada to work, a work permit will be required before leaving your home country. This way, your employer can confirm that you are expected in Canada.

Requirement 6: Relevant Expert Skills and Work Experience

It is doubly difficult for immigrants to find jobs in Canada compared to Canadian citizens. If you are moving there as an economic immigrant, your professional expertise should be competitive. This may sound trivial, but the reality is that, as a first world country, employers in Canada are looking for top-notch employees.

Requirement 7: A Stable Bank Account

You will need to prove you can take care of yourself in Canada before you can find gainful employment. A healthy bank account with a minimum of 2500 Canadian dollars is recommended. Sometimes you can take as long as six months before settling down. The Canadian authorities do not want you to be inconvenienced by running out of cash.

Requirement 8: Secured Accommodation

Accommodation is essential. You can pay for it before you travel or get someone to accommodate you. The point is, you need to secure accommodation before travelling to Canada. The immigration office will seek to know the address of your place of residence while in Canada. If you are moving with your family, make sure the accommodation available to you is appropriate for them. A friend, your host employer, or some immigration agencies can facilitate this for you.

Requirement 9: A Valid Driving License

This is necessary if you will not need to be issued one while in Canada. This has to be an international driving license supported by a certified clean bill of good standing with the law and a certificate of good conduct.

Requirement 10: Booked Flight

One of the things you don’t want to do is book your flight late. This will cost you more than early booking. Get your air tickets early and know your flight schedule in advance. This will help facilitate your reception in Canada. You will also have the luxury of airline choice.

Moving to a new country is costly and complex but manageable. Your ability to plan will determine the success or failure of this noble venture. Starting early will allow you to meet all the necessary requirements for moving to Canada. Last minute planning can be too costly not only financially, but also in terms of forgetting important details necessary for smooth travel.

Welcome to Canada; the land of the free.